Good Food, Good Fun, Good Friends!
Welcome to Bull on the 19th, where we specialize in Signature Burgers, Homemade CrabCakes, Seafood, Steak and Daily Chef's Specials, along with great prices! Relax in the casual Western atmosphere of our lounge, featuring weekend entertainment, Happy Hour and plenty of TV's! Our rustic Tuscan dining room is perfect for intimate dinners, parties and small banquets, with views overlooking the golf course. Our "Creekside Inn" banquet menus are second to none for food quality, presentation and pricing, guaranteed to impress your guests!

Good Food, Good Fun, Good Friends!

That's what the Bull on the 19th Grill & Pub is all about!

But what's up with the name? We'll give you a few good reasons:

Reason #1 - "Cowtown Rodeo" is just up the road, keeping the true tradition of the Old West alive and kicking in our town. We pay tribute to all the local cowboys and cowgirls with both our menu and our name! If you've never been to a real professional rodeo, check it out at . Then stop by Bull on the 19th afterward for some great food and drinks to round up your night!

Reason #2 - "Bull" is a language often spoken here by our golfers after a friendly yet competitive round at the 19th hole, which in golf terms, means "the bar"! We think you get the idea...

Reason #3 (and most importantly) - Local bulls (yes, real live bulls) have been found roaming our golf course, including one especially mean and nasty bull in 2009, and four friendlier longhorns in 2011. We're not sure why they like our golf course so much, but being situated in the heart of "Cow Country" we're pretty sure they'll be back!

Hence the name! We think it fits, and we know you will love the food, atmosphere and friendly staff!

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